Gigglers.tv is an online video channel that plays hundreds of video clips of people laughing from around the globe. The platform allows users to upload their own videos of people laughing and share specific laughs with friends.
The site operates by curatorship; we search for the funniest videos on the web and edit the most entertaining parts into a 10 second clip.
Laughter is a border crossing universal language with proven therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Giggles.tv aspires to make this fact known through our motto spread the laugh, and turn the world into a happier place.
We hope that users from around the world will upload and share laughter videos in order to form an international laughter reservoir for everyone to enjoy.
The project has been implemented using a development of Youtube API
Gigglers.tv was founded by a group of 7 students in the Media Innovation Lab (Milab) of IDC Hertzliya. The Project is sponsored by Mecom of Shari Arison and by EOL, a non profit organization of the Ted Arison Philanthropy Group. The Milab is a program of the Sammy Ofer school of communication at IDC Hertzliya

Meet the Gigglers

Anat (Nushi) Shrem
Project Manager
Leonora (Leo) Fuhrer
Executive Producer
Ori Fadlon
Product Design
Alon Setter
Head of Marketing
Moran Green
Co Content Curator
Lital Atzmon
Co Content Curator
Or Ben-Zeev
Ofer Shani
Group Mentor
Eran Ilani
Group CTO