Terms of Use and Rules and Regulations

The Gigglers website is a platform for displaying video clip sequences on the Internet that allow billions of people to discover, present, and share original laughter video clips.
The site presents a random sequence of clips showing laughter segments of up to 10 seconds each, uploaded by surfers directly onto the site or via YouTube. Each clip is represented by the flag of the country from which it was uploaded and is shown on a user-friendly player that allows viewers to share with friends on the leading social networks or via e-mail.
Users can easily upload video clips onto the site after a simple three-step registration process by pressing the Upload button on the right-hand side of the postcard.
The site emphasizes collaboration and encourages sharing. For this reason, slides prompting users to act accordingly are interspersed between the video clips.


In this Terms and Conditions, the following terms will have the meaning set out beside them:

  • Gigglers - a website showing sequences of laughter video clips and allows users to upload, view, and share. The site was developed by the Media Innovation Lab (miLAB) at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, for Shari Arison's Essence of Life non-profit organization.
  • Website Administrator - the person responsible for the website.
  • User - a person who views, uploads, and/or shares.
  • Contents - any video clip uploaded onto the site by the user or by the site (YouTube). All participants in the uploaded video must permit the usage of the video through Gigglers and/or YouTube.
  • User fee - gratis.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Gigglers invites users to open a detailed personal profile that provides an accurate description of the user. All profile data will remain confidential, except for the moments of happiness that the user publishes at a given moment, his personal profile, and/or any sharing by the user at the moment of happiness that the user chooses to publish, of his own accord, on his Facebook page, outside the Gigglers website. Gigglers hereby commits itself not to transfer identifying data and/or make use of users data.
    Gigglers invites users to register with the website and upload video clips. The Gigglers website hereby commits itself not to transfer identifying information and/or to make use of users data, except for the country of origin that the user chooses to mention when uploading the contents.
  2. The user must authorize the Gigglers application on the Facebook website. Upon authorization of Gigglers at the Facebook site, the application will allow the personal profile to be copied.
  3. The user will be able to upload video clips onto his personal profile and even send a link to the site by e-mail.
  4. The Website administrators are entitled to remove clip , at their sole and exclusive discretion, if they find that its content includes material that is offensive, racist, hate-provoking, promotes the discrimination of sectors or minorities within the population, or deliberately creates misrepresentations (such as false impersonations). Also, any content that does not meet the Terms of Use specified hereunder will also be subject to removal from the competition page.

Terms of Use

Upon registration to Gigglers, the user is fully and exclusively responsible for any result that may derive from the publication of the said video clip. The user must take special care to ensure that the contents of the video clip are legal. Among others, and for illustration purposes only, the user is forbidden to suggest an idea that includes the following contents: any content known by the user to be untrue, deceptive or distortive; any content that affects or infringes the proprietary rights of others - including copyrights and trademarks; any content that is pornographic or of an explicit sexual nature; any content pertaining to minors and identifying them, their personal data or their address and contact information; computer codes or applications that include viruses, including hostile programs known as Trojan Horse, Worms, Vandals, Malicious Applications, etc.; any content that constitutes defamation of a person, or affects his privacy, or his good name; any content that individually identifies other people without them having given their consent to publish their identity; any content of a bothersome, offensive, hostile, threatening or rude nature or content; any content that includes or promotes racism or illegitimate discrimination on the basis of race, origin, ethnicity, skin color, nationality, religion, occupation, sexual orientation, disease, physical or mental disability, beliefs, political views, or socio-economic status; any content that encourages the execution of a criminal offense or that may constitute basis for prosecution or civil liability; any content that may deceive a consumer; any content of a commercial or advertising nature; any content contrary to the acceptable rules of use of the Internet or that may cause damage to or affect Internet users in general and Facebook users in particular.

Intellectual Property

All contents, including texts, photographs, graphics, and sound, video or animation files and the arrangements thereof are protected by copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. The contents of this Giggles website may not be copied, distributed, modified for commercial purposes.
Gigglers website administrators will remove from the competition, at their discretion, any video clip that is found to be involved in copyright infringement.

Liability and Indemnity

The competition is not responsible for the reliability, credibility, accuracy or integrity of the contents and/or ideas published in the site by the users and is not liable for any result caused by the use of or reliance upon the said contents and/or ideas. The competition will not bear responsibility for any third-party use of the user-generated contents.
The user is bound to indemnify the competition and/or any party on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expenditure caused to them - including attorney fees and trial expenses - due to the infringement of these Terms. In addition, the user will indemnify the competition and/or any party on its behalf for any claim, prosecution and/or demand made against them by any third party as a result of contents that the user uploaded to the competition site.

Arbitration and Jurisdiction

This agreement will be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel, but the rules of choice of international law set therein will not apply.
Any dispute arising between the parties, including disputes related to the use of the site and/or to these Terms of Use, will be brought before an arbitrator who shall be a lawyer proficient in the field of electronic trade and Internet and who will be appointed by the Chairman of the Israel Bar Association at the request of any of the parties.